If you are planning to visit Essaouira, then get ready for a journey full of unforgettable moments, luxurious nights, and many hidden wonders. Essaouira is a magical destination that is situated along the Moroccan coast where history, culture, and the soothing waves of the Atlantic Ocean come together to create a unique and extraordinary experience like no other. Essaouira is not just a place on the map, it is a cultural rich experience that will leave you amazed and take you out of time and space. After visiting this canvas and getting used to its magical charm, you will find it so hard for you to leave.

In this article, we will take you on a ride through the best places to visit in Essaouira to help you better plan your trip. Those places are a must visit and if you want to get fully engaged in Essaouira’s vibe.

7 Best Places to Visit in Essaouira

  • Sekkala

If you want to start your adventure in Essaouira with something very heartwarming, you should begin with the famous Sekkala. It is a lesser-known district of Essaouira, but it unveils the most charming side of this magical city. Far from the hustle and bustle of the crowds, Sekkala will offer you an oasis of calmness and chill with its charming cafés, artisan shops, and traditional riads. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to wander through its narrow alleys that are adorned with colorful bougainvillea to discover the authentic essence of Essaouira.

  • La Côte

As you come near La côte, the rhythmic sounds of the crashing waves start welcoming you to a coastal paradise. Essaouira’s beaches are known for their tranquility and natural beauty. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat or a wild windsurfing experience, La Côte is the perfect destination if you want to truly connect with the soothing energy of the Atlantic Ocean. You should also have a coastal meal in one of the restaurants of la Côte. Their fish meals are super refreshing and are worth it!

  • L’Mina

If you want to step back in time and witness history in the present, you must visit L’Mina; the historic port of Essaouira. With its centuries-old stone walls and charming harbor, this area reflects the city’s great maritime heritage. Make sure to explore the bustling docks, watch the local fishermen while working, and soak in the magically authentic atmosphere that has defined Essaouira for generations and will keep defining it for generations to come.

  • The Old Medina

Your visit to the magical Essaouira won’t be complete until you immerse yourself in the vibrant chaos of the old medina. Step back in time and space and lose yourself in the narrow streets that are filled with the intoxicating aroma of spices and the vibrant hues of traditional Moroccan crafts. The old Medina is a UNESCO World Heritage site that will enchant you with its well-preserved architecture, ancient mosques, and hidden traditional treasures.

  • Fish Market

Essaouira’s fish market is a must-visit if you are a fish lover. It is a culinary haven where the catch of the day takes center stage. Visit it and take the chance to experience the lively spectacle of fishermen showcasing their fresh bounty. Then move to savor the special flavors of grilled seafood at the nearby food stalls. It is a true feast for the senses that encapsulates the city’s maritime identity.

  • City Walls

For a panoramic view of Essaouira’s picturesque landscape, make sure to ascend the city walls. The ramparts offer a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean, the bustling medina, and the charming architecture that defines this centuries-old city. Try to also witness the sky getting painted with hues of orange and pink as the sun sets.

  • Art Galleries

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in Essaouira’s artistic atmosphere. This city’s artistic spirit is always on full display in its numerous galleries. From contemporary works to traditional Moroccan art, these art galleries showcase the diverse talents that thrive in this creative Moroccan haven. Engaging with local artists and taking home a piece of Essaouira’s artistic soul will add a lot of excitement and joy to your travel experience in this charming city.

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