Best Places to visit in Marrakech 2024

This article is a timeless list of the Best Places to visit in Marrakech 2024. With it being one of the most popular cities in Morocco, Marrakech is rich in natural beauty, culture, and history, there is something for everyone in Marrakech. This city has a lot to offer, and the best of everything is captured in this must-visit and top-rated attraction.

1- Djemaa EL Fna

This large square is the bottom heart of diverse cultures, art, and history. It is the sleepless area in Marrakech, full of jam, leaving no room for movement. This place is well known for the mixture of art, music, storytelling, fortune tellings, and snake charmers. Djemaa El Fna is surrounded by cafés where you can escape the crowd and enjoy a cup of mint tea while wandering the beauty of traditions.

Djemaa EL Fna is a wonderland of magic, a mix of colors, scents, and sounds. It remains the main square in Marrakech for decades. Since it captivates many tourists, the authorities are aware of the importance of sustaining security for guaranteeing the development of the tourism industry. However, one must take precautions, especially at night. you might wonder where to eat in Djemaa El Fna.

Tip: Pickpockets are operating in this area so be wary.

Best food destination?

Well since it is an active area it must have a lot of traditional or luxurious restaurants around where you can taste local food like tajines of meat or chicken and vegetables, grilled meat, Moroccan salads, you can also try snails soup which might look unnatural, but till I can assure you will like it. During the day and night, vendors in the row of stall streets start craving steaming Mecheoui (grilled meat or chicken).

 No visit to Djemaa El Fna is complete without tasting local food.

tajine marrakech Best Places to visit in Marrakech 2024
Tajines In Morocco Best Places to visit in Marrakech 2024

Places you can try their food :

  • La Maison Arabe Marrakech: is a restaurant serving traditional Moroccan cuisine in a beautiful, historic building.
  • Le Jardin: a charming garden-style restaurant known for its delicious Mediterranean and Moroccan-inspired dishes.
  • Dar Moha: Michelin-starred restaurant serving contemporary Moroccan dishes in a stylish setting.
  • Dar Yacout: a high-end restaurant offering an unforgettable dining experience with live music and traditional Moroccan decor.
  • Le Foundouk: a trendy restaurant that combines traditional Moroccan flavors with contemporary presentation.
  • Riad El Mansour: restaurant located inside a traditional Moroccan house offering a memorable dining experience with traditional cuisine and music.
  • Café des Épices: a popular street-side cafe serving traditional dishes like tagines and couscous.

2- Explore the Souks

The Medina Souks feels almost like a labyrinth. The streets are very narrow, with many connected paths. If you are in, it is hard to find your way out. Along the road of Rue Bab Debagh, you will enjoy the colorful animal skins as carpets, old fashioned way, some artisans, and souvenirs to buy for your family. The scents of spices and orange blossom change in every new alley you explore. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the medina and get some souvenirs

olives in the souks marrakech
Night view of Djemaa el Fna square, Marrakech

Places you can try their food :


3- Koutoubia Mosque

Koutoubia Mosque is the most outstanding historical landmark in Marrakech. And it’s hands down one of the Best Places to visit in Marrakech 2024 and beyond. The mosque was built in 1162, and it was one of the greatest achievements of Almohad architecture. Abd Al-Mu’min was responsible for the construction of the mosque. It is considered the largest mosque in Morocco and the most spectacular monument in Marrakech. Its architecture and structure allure every visitor. Whoever is looking for great pictures i would like to recommend this square.

morocco marrakech koutoubia mosque palm

Koutoubia Mosque minaret in Marrakesh, Morocco

4- jardin majorelle ‘Majorelle blue’

These colorful gardens full of cacti, palms, flowers, trees, banana trees, marble pools, and perns are under the fascinating work of the orientalist artist Jacques Majorelle. Located in the heart of Gueliz and it is rated as the most top delightful and stunning attraction in Marrakech.

Majorelle garden door
Fountain, Jardin Majorelle
Entrance Fee:

Planning a visit to the Jardin Majorelle ? Make sure you bring along 70 Dhs for the garden admission fee, which is approximately $7. If you’re interested in checking out the museum, you’ll need an additional 30 Dhs for the entrance fee.

When it comes to visiting hours, the house and gardens are open from 8 in the morning until 5.30 in the afternoon every day. However, during the summer months, they stay open a little later, until 6 in the evening.

To make the most of your visit, I recommend going as early as possible. Not only will you beat the crowds, but you’ll also have the best light for taking photos. Enjoy your visit!

5- Menara

One of the most popular gardens is located in the west of the medina, surrounded by orchards of palm trees and olive trees. It is a relaxing place to make picnics under the shade of trees. The main pavilion is in front of the grand atlas mountain. The water basin goes back to the 12th-century Almohad era. Kids will enjoy feeding the fish in the lake.

Marrakech has a lot of stunning places to visit. Those are very few, once you are in the red city you will explore different extraordinary places. Do not hesitate to visit each one listed above.

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