Best Places to Eat in Fes

Fes City is one of the most ancient Moroccan cities that are known for their centuries-old cultural heritage, revolutionary history, and rich cuisine. This wonderful city is more than just a place, it is an experience where the beauty of culture meets the greatness of history. This city is also known for its mastery of Moroccan cuisine. So as you wander through its magical old medina and uncover its narrow alleys’ mysteries, allow yourself to enjoy its various dining delights. From luxurious fine dining places to charming budget-friendly eateries, you will find a dining experience that suits your needs and moods.

In this article, we have listed some of the best places to eat in Fes. Let us help you get the best of what Fes City has to offer!

Food in Fes

Fes is known in Morocco for its mastery of traditional Moroccan food. This city’s food scene is deeply rooted in Moroccan history and culture with a variety of dishes that reflect its influences from the Jewish, Andalusian, and Berber cultures. From its famous multilayered Pastilla to its tasteful tagines, food in Fes is the celebration of the senses you have always longed for.

Here are some of the Moroccan dishes that you must try while in Fes:

  • Tagine:

This dish is a feast for the eyes and a real celebration for all the senses. Tagine is named after the earthenware pot in which it is slowly cooked. It is made with tender meat, whether lamb, chicken, or beef, that melds harmoniously with a special blend of spices and different types of vegetables and other additions. Each bite you have from this dish will take you on a different journey of art and culture.

  • Couscous:

This very famous dish has been served in Morocco for generations and generations now, and it is still a precious favorite for all Moroccans. This fluffy steamed semolina grain is considered to be a national dish that Moroccans eat every Friday. Its profound depth of taste makes it a real celebration of the Moroccan hospitality that brings families and communities all together.

  • Rfissa:

Rfissa is also one of the most ancient dishes that Moroccans have been enjoying for centuries and centuries now. This dish represents the essence of Moroccan comfort food. It is made of layering of lentils, fenugreek seeds, and tender meat that are slow-cooked and perfectly served over a bed of shredded msemen. Its taste comes from a whole different universe. It will leave you deeply taken!

  • Pastilla:

Pastilla is a real Moroccan delicacy. There are two types of Pastillas. Chicken Pastilla is a piece of art that combines between the sweet and the savory in a way that captivates your senses. Fish Pastilla is another masterpiece that you should try.

Best Places to Eat in Fes

Best fine dining places in Fes

If you are looking for a fine dining place in Fes to enjoy your evening and nights with yourself or with your loved one, then here are some options:

  • Palais Bab Sahra Fez Restaurant

This beautiful restaurant is situated in a beautifully restored palace, and it offers a wonderful dining experience. Its menu features a wide variety of Moroccan traditional dishes and modern culinary creations.

Palais Bab Sahra Fez Restaurant

Palais Bab Sahra Fez Restaurant

  • Eden at Palais Amani

This luxurious Palais offers you the opportunity to have an extraordinary dining experience that you will remember for years and years to come. You will enjoy a menu that combines Moroccan flavors with modern creative techniques in the setting of a charming serene garden.

Eden at Palais Amani

Eden at Palais Amani

  • Darori Resto

Darori Resto is known for its elegant ambiance and embodiment of Moroccan hospitality. If you want to enjoy some of the Moroccan delicacies that are served with fresh local ingredients of high quality, then this place is the one for you.

11 Best Places to Eat in Fes

  • Les Jardins de Shaherazade

This restaurant is situated in a former royal palace, and this gives it a romantic sophisticated atmosphere that adds more to the dining experience. The menu also features a list of exquisite Moroccan dishes that are made with so much love and dedication using fresh ingredients.

11 Best Places to Eat in Fes

  • Dar Roummana

This restaurant which is beautifully set in a Riad to offer you an authentic elegant dining experience that you will forever remember. Its menu highlights the best of what Moroccan cuisine has to offer along with Mediterranean cuisine. Get ready to enjoy a unique dining experience with a stunning terrace view!

Dar Roummana

Dar Roummana

  • Mouda Palace

This restaurant is known for its great setting and impeccable service. With a modern twist, Moroccan traditional dishes are made to delight your senses.

11 Best Places to Eat in Fes

Best Budget-Friendly Places to Eat in Fes

If you are looking for budget-friendly eateries where you can enjoy your quick bites, these places are a good deal.

  • Dar Rafti

This eatery is a welcoming cozy eatery that offers you a range of affordable tasty Moroccan dishes. From the mouthwatering tagines to the flavorful couscous, this place has a casual meal that suits every craving of yours.

Dar Rafti

Dar Rafti

  • Boujloud Restaurant

This restaurant is located near the famous Bab Boujloud, and this is the secret behind the name. Boujloud restaurant is known for its affordable Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes that are perfect for a quick and satisfying meal.

11 Best Places to Eat in Fes

  • Snack Malak

This snack is popular among locals and tourists alike thanks to its affordability and delicious meals. This snack offers a wide variety of affordable tasty snacks and meals along with freshly made drinks.

11 Best Places to Eat in Fes

  • Dar Khabya

This local restaurant is a great place if you are looking for an affordable place without compromising deliciousness and quality. They serve a variety of traditional Moroccan dishes that are made with love and with high quality.

  • San Gusto

If you are craving Italian cuisine in Fes, this restaurant brings you the best of what Italian cuisine has to offer at a reasonable price.

  • Encanto Restaurant

This is one of the best budget-friendly restaurants in Fes. Encanto restaurant offers a range of tasty flavorful Moroccan and international dishes.

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