Have you ever wondered what it is like to explore a country through its cuisine? In Morocco, you definitely can. In this article, we will be listing 18 Moroccan foods you must try in Morocco, where every single bite reveals a story of tradition, culture, and community. Get ready to enter into a world of flavors, history, and warm hospitality!

18 Moroccan Foods You Must Try in Morocco

Morocco is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and it is known for its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality. Moroccan cuisine is also known for its fascinating blend of flavors, aromas, and traditions that have been passed down through generations and generations. From Tangier city to the Moroccan Sahara, Moroccan cuisine represents a celebration of life, love, and society. Here are 18 Moroccan foods that you absolutely must try when visiting this enchanting country:


18 Best Moroccan Foods You Must Try in Morocco

18 Best Moroccan Foods You Must Try in Morocco

Tagine is Morocco’s signature dish, and it is a slow-cooked stew made with tender meat, vegetables, and a blend of aromatic spices. This dish is named after the distinctive conical clay pot in which it’s cooked because it helps trap and circulate the rich flavors, resulting in a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

You should know that Moroccan tagine is not limited to one type or one flavor. This flavor-rich dish can be made using any type of meat, such as beef meat, chicken, or even fish. Sometimes this dish can be made using vegetables, and sometimes we can stick to meat and onion only.

If you visit Morocco, make sure to taste all types of this wonderful dish. It is absolutely worth it!


18 Moroccan Foods You Must Try in Morocco

18 Moroccan Foods You Must Try in Morocco

Couscous is one of the most known Moroccan dishes, and it is a basic element in Moroccan cuisine. Couscous is made with many different vegetables, chickpeas, meat, and a savory sauce.

This magical and flavor-rich dish has been served on the Moroccan table for centuries and still. So if you really want to witness the uniqueness of Moroccan cuisine, this dish is a must-try.


Bisteela, which is also known as “Pastilla”, is a sweet and savory pie filled with chicken, almonds, sugar, and cinnamon, all wrapped in delicate layers of phyllo dough. This unique and unusual contrast of flavors and textures is a true delight that makes this dish one of a kind. But please note that this is only the first type of bisteelas that Morocco is known for.

The second type is made with different types of fish, a very savory sauce, and a very specific type of Chinese noodles. This mix gives this type a wonderful taste that can leave you amazed for hours and days.

Don’t you ever hesitate to taste both types and enjoy every single bite to the fullest!


Harira is a healthy and nutritious Moroccan soup. This soup is traditionally consumed during Ramadan to break the fast, and it is made during the whole year to enjoy with the family. Harira is made from tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, and a blend of spices, and it is often enjoyed with dates and honey to maximize its flavor and savory taste.


If you are a lover of grilled meat, the Moroccan Mechoui dish is a must-try. It is typically a whole roasted lamb or goat, seasoned with a simple blend of salt, cumin, and coriander. This results in very tender and flavorful meat.


This dish is perfect for vegetarians who want to taste Morocco throughout its cuisine. Zaalouk is a flavorful eggplant and tomato salad, seasoned with garlic, paprika, and cumin. It is a delicious dish that pairs well with bread or fish. It can also be served as a main dish or a side dish.


Msemen is one of the most popular Moroccan pancakes, and it is often served for breakfast or as a snack. You can prepare Msemen by folding the dough multiple times to create layers, and this process results in a flaky and slightly crispy texture.

The best way to eat Msemen and enjoy its taste is through combining it with honey, buttery cheese, and fresh mint tea. Try this unique and flavor-rich combination for breakfast and see how energetic and warm you feel all day.


                            18 Best Moroccan Foods You Must Try in Morocco

18 Best Moroccan Foods You Must Try in Morocco

Moroccan Kefta refers to spiced ground meat that is often made from beef or lamb and shaped into small patties or skewers. This flavor-rich Moroccan Kefta is usually seasoned with a blend of herbs, including parsley and coriander. Then it is slowly grilled to perfection.

This dish is very popular in Morocco, and you should definitely try it with some grilled tomatoes and onions to enjoy it tastefully.

Mint Tea

Mint tea, which is also known as “Moroccan whiskey” among tourists, is more than just a drink. It is an identity symbol representing the Moroccan people’s hospitality and friendship. This sweet and aromatic tea is a must-try drink if you visit Morocco.


Khubz is a Moroccan Darija word that refers to Moroccan bread, and it is a staple in Moroccan cuisine. Moroccan bread is typically flat and round, and it is perfect for scooping up tagine, dipping into olive oil, or enjoying authentic honey. Moroccan bread has a very special taste and shape thanks to the very special way it is made with. That’s why you should definitely try it.

Essaouiri Seafood

If you are a seafood lover, try to pay Essaouira a visit and taste the freshly caught seafood dishes, such as grilled sardines, and fried calamari, along with the seafood tagines, while enjoying the coastal breeze. This is not a Moroccan traditional dish, but it is one of the Moroccan foods that you must try if you ever visit Morocco.


Every country has a special dish made with the precious potato, and Morocco is no different. Maakouda is a popular food in Morocco, and it is often made and bought in the streets. This food is made from deep-fried potato patties, flavored with spices and herbs. It’s a tasty snack that is often served with harissa sauce, and it can be served as a side dish with the popular Harira soup.

Tanjia Marrakchia

Tanjia is a specialty of Marrakech, and it is made with meat, usually lamb or beef. The Tanjia meat is slow-cooked in a clay jar with spices and preserved lemons. The result of this process is a rich and flavorful dish that is both tender and aromatic. Once you taste it, you will feel deeply taken by the unusual heavenly savory. Don’t miss out on tasting this artistic Moroccan dish!


     18 Moroccan Foods You Must Try in Morocco

18 Moroccan Foods You Must Try in Morocco

Baghrir is a much-known type of Moroccan pancake, and it is a spongy, hole-filled pancake. This Moroccan pancake is often drizzled with honey and butter or honey and olive oil because they maximize its taste. Baghrir is a really delightful Moroccan treat that you can enjoy for breakfast.


Mrouzia is a Moroccan festive dish that is often prepared during Eid al-Adha. This dish is made with lamb, honey, almonds, and a special Mrouzia blend of spices. The sweet and savory combination of this Moroccan piece of art is a unique and delectable experience that you should definitely try.


If you really want to taste the Moroccan culture in one particular dish, then you should definitely try Rfissa. It is a traditional dish that is often served to celebrate special occasions or enjoy family gatherings and meetings. This Moroccan dish is made with thin layers of flatbread soaked in a flavorful broth and topped with meat and a very flavor-rich sauce.


Chebakia is a delicious Moroccan pastry that is deep-fried and then soaked in honey and rosewater. This process results in a sweet, crunchy treat that is often enjoyed during Ramadan. It is also often combined with Harira, the famous Moroccan soup.


Amlou is not a Moroccan dish, but a unique Moroccan spread that is made from roasted almonds, argan oil, and honey. This spread is very rich, nutty, and slightly sweet, and this makes it perfect for spreading on bread or pancakes.

As you savor these 18 Moroccan foods, you’ll truly feel the warmth and generosity of the Moroccan people. Food in Morocco is not just nourishment; it is an expression of love and a means of connecting with others. Whether you are exploring the never-sleeping streets of the medina, sitting in a crowded market square, or dining in a serene Riad, you will be able to experience the essence of Moroccan hospitality.

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